Brand-first - Why it matters

Brand-first payment solutions let you engage and build relationships with your customers to increase loyalty. Limepay is your brand-first payment partner.

Brand-first – Why it matters

Branding is crucial if you want to grow your business. Your brand is the look and feel of your business. It represents your promise and sets you apart from the competition. When done well, your customers already know what to expect before landing on your website and are ready to buy.

Branding fosters trust and loyalty.

Businesses invest a lot of resources in building and protecting their brand image, as they should. Each touchpoint during the buying process is an opportunity to reinforce your brand. Even the slightest misstep during the customer journey, like redirecting them to a third-party site, can have big impacts on brand awareness and loyalty, and conversion and revenue.

Brand-first with white-label providers

There are many options when it comes to conventional payments and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) providers, and there generally isn’t much to differentiate one from another. To the customer, they all look the same – unless you move to a brand-first, white-label provider.

Partnering with a white-label provider like Limepay means your brand stays front and centre throughout the entire customer journey. We handle the technology and security and develop customised solutions so you can focus on building your reputation and reinforcing customer relationships. 

Escalate brand visibility

Only a white-label provider allows you to redesign UX/UI to show customers your brand instead. This helps you deliver a frictionless buying journey to your customers – when it feels like you at every milestone, their experience is enhanced.

Ambitious brands realise how vital brand consistency is to their success because trust and loyalty follow focused branding efforts. The results of branding all the way through the buying process are fewer abandoned carts, bigger basket sizes and more repeat purchases.

Broaden customer engagement

When you partner with a payment solution provider that understands the significance of putting your brand first, you enjoy more opportunities to engage and build a rapport with your customers.

No matter what kind of payments your customers make, brand-first means it’s only your brand that they see. This gives you a strategic opportunity to strengthen customer relationships and lets you reinforce your brand promise with personalised follow-up emails.

These marketing opportunities simply aren’t available with conventional payments and BNPL providers.

Bringing brands closer to the customer, however they pay. 

Own your data

When you own the entire checkout, you get more access to valuable customer and transaction information. This data can help you unlock marketing opportunities and build stronger relationships with your customers. Limepay makes it easy for you to continue to engage with customers after the sale.

Customised solutions

Payment solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all, and you deserve a solution that meets the needs of your business.

The Limepay platform is customisable and flexible, so you can coordinate it with your brand strategy. The dashboard is simple to navigate and puts information in your hands, making it easier than ever to uncover marketing opportunities and unlock new revenue streams.

Build buyer confidence

Customers want to buy from you, so your brand needs to be at the forefront.

Create an uninterrupted buying experience by keeping customers on your site the entire time. Don’t let customers leave your site to pay. The distraction is enough to cause an increase in abandoned carts and a hit to your bottom line.

Create the best possible customer experience and put your brand first. With Limepay.

Limepay is the only white-label payment provider in APAC/Oceania1. To find out more about Limepay’s brand-first payment solution platform. Book in a call with our sales team.

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1 FT Partners’ Fintech Industry Research Report on BNPL (July 2021)


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