Accor Plus Tailor Memberships To Customers With Limepay

Limepay gave Accor Plus full control of their customer journey and more time back to better cater their memberships to customers.

How Limepay helped Accor Plus better cater their memberships

Accor Plus is the Asia Pacific loyalty subscription programme of Accor, the world-leading augmented hospitality group. It gives its members exclusive benefits across 20 countries,
1,000 hotels and 1,400 restaurants in Asia Pacific.

Accor Plus were experiencing friction in their payment process, particularly around the sign up and acceptance processes. Their existing Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) provider forced their customers to be redirected from the Accor Plus site during checkout, which caused significant problems for their call centre as customers struggled to sign up to pay. 

Accor Plus knew there had to be a better way so, in early 2020, they started looking for a new solution. They wanted full control over their customer data and purchasing experience so they could build better relationships with their customers and optimise sales. 

After an extensive search, they decided to partner with Limepay to launch a white-label BNPL solution on their site.

Not all BNPLs are created equal...

Payment arrangements, fees and terms of service aside, there’s not a lot that differentiates conventional BNPLs from each other. Switching from one to another may increase your profits through transaction fee savings, but it’s unlikely to have much impact on metrics such as cart abandonment, cart size or repurchase rates. 

White-label BNPLs, though, offer a quicker checkout experience. Customers don’t need to create or maintain accounts with various BNPL providers so there’s no logins or redirects from your site to complete purchases. Intuitively, it makes sense that reducing friction in the checkout process results in more consumers completing their purchases.

Offering BNPL via inbound call centre…

The Accor Plus inbound call centre team were often going back and forth on multiple calls with customers to help close a deal as customers struggled to sign up with their existing BNPL provider. This was challenging for staff when trying to get an immediate purchase over the line.

With the seamless and swift implementation of Limepay, Accor saw incremental gains that went beyond their existing BNPL results quickly.

“The beauty of Limepay is it allows us to control our own data. We can see what our clients are doing and cater for them."
James Giff
Sales Program Manager, Accor Plus


Accor 30sec



Getting started

Making the switch to Limepay was a lot easier than Accor Plus had imagined. Even though
Accor Plus is built on a custom ecommerce platform, Limepay was implemented quickly and seamlessly, with minimal effort from Accor Plus’s team, in the lead up to Black Friday and Christmas, the busiest retail period of the year.  

How it works

A screenshot of an Accor Plus Explorer Membership (price subject to change). The product selection panel displays both the full item price and Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) instalment costs which customers can choose via the purple toggle.

With Limepay integrated on the site, Accor Plus loyalty members can see both the full item price and how much individual BNPL instalments will be directly on the product page. This up-front information reduces the time spent in getting customers to sign up to a third-party BNPL account. 

When they reach the cart page, Accor Plus customers can check out in one step. There’s no need for them to be redirected to another website, or wait for a pop-up to launch. They can simply enter their details straight on the screen and use the toggle to choose between paying in full or in four instalments (BNPL). 

Overall, the Limepay white-label solution has led to Accor Plus providing a better customer experience and the opportunity to spend more time with customers, increasing basket size.

What’s more, all emails and texts confirming the purchase, including BNPL instalment reminders, come from Accor Plus, ensuring they’re the only ones contacting their customers. They own the member experience from end to end.

The end result?

  • Accor Plus members prefer the ease of use Limepay’s white-labelled solution offers, more often opting for that  at checkout.
  • Accor Plus’s inbound sales team were able to spend more time catering their memberships and upselling additional products to their potential customers, rather than helping them set up an account with third-party BNPL providers.

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