Is your Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) boosting its brand at your expense?

Are your customers heading to another business’s website when they buy something? If so, their connection with your brand is inevitably being interfered with.

For a reason we’ll get to shortly, ecommerce businesses like white-label offerings. Chances are your business is already using white-label social-media-management, SEO, reputation management or email marketing software. You might even have a white-label platform for your digital advertising or website Content Management solution. 

Avoiding attention-economy free riders

Your business spends an extraordinary amount to capture the interest of a consumer. You don’t want that consumer being encouraged to think about your competitors right at the point of purchase. You have invested an extraordinary amount  of resources to get your hands on a scarce commodity: the attention of a potential customer. Why would you want to give that away?

Is your Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) checkout process a ‘checkout spaghetti’ of brands?  

By giving away important screen real estate to third-party payment services at the point of purchase, you are not only overwhelming your customers with an array of distractions that potentially slow them down; you are also inviting your customers to give their details to your competitors via these payment marketplaces.  

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Maintaining brand loyalty while leveraging BNPL

There’s no doubt  BNPL payment options increase sales in the short term, but the real question is what happens to your brand in the long term? By sending your customers away, you dilute your brand and ultimately diminish the relevancy of your brand with your customers.  

A native solution 

Limepay’s ‘behind the scenes’ technology is specifically designed to allow merchants to own the whole customer experience. 

Ecommerce businesses that use Limepay keep their customers on their website throughout the checkout process. Even better, Limepay’s discreet technology means – aside from moving a toggle to show they want to pay in instalments – consumers don’t have to think much about how their purchase is being financed. Instalments are automatically deducted from the customer’s existing credit card or digital wallet meaning there’s no need for the customer to apply for a Limepay account at any point. 

Limepay still pays the merchant immediately and adopts all the credit risk. But it gives that merchant a seamless, out-of-the-box BNPL solution for its customers without any of the brand-damaging downsides.     



Check it out for yourself

Limepay’s customers include:

Feeling Sexy – Its Director Mia Hudson believes “the checkout experience should be an intimate moment between merchant and customer”. She is delighted to have found a BPNL provider that doesn’t interpose itself into this moment of intimacy

Accor Plus – Its Vice President for the Pacific Wayne Greenwood loves Limepay because its “a native payment solution that works for our brand”

EB Games – Its Senior Director Shane Stockwell implemented Limepay because “with the demand for BNPL increasing, we wanted to offer our customers a way to engage directly with us when they transact” 

If you’re interested in learning more about securing your clients’ undivided attention throughout the customer journey, you can watch a video that explains Limepay’s brand-bolstering checkout process in 60 seconds here. If you want to look into implementing an undistracting BNPL in your business after watching that video, you can arrange a demo here.  

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