How customised payment integrations enhance the customer experience

Limepay make the onboarding process more flexible with payment integrations and customised solutions. Learn about Limepay’s expert payment integrations.

Businesses face different payment challenges. And off-the-shelf products don’t always fit operating needs or customer expectations. To make the onboarding process more flexible and collaborative, Limepay offers expert payment integrations and customised solutions.

 Unified integration options

Does your checkout integrate with the ecommerce services you use like Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and WooCommerce? You should take every opportunity to enhance your customer journey and streamline your business processes with integrated solutions.

Connecting your ecommerce platforms helps you maximise the value you get from each product. And your operational teams can continue using the tools they rely on for tasks like confirming payment statuses and issuing refunds.

But sometimes, you need a solution that’s specific to your industry or business. That’s why we create fully custom solutions with extreme flexibility.

Custom cashflow solutions

Real estate agents that partner with Domain needed a better way to manage agency cash flow and keep campaigns moving forward. They asked Limepay to build a payment solution designed for the real estate industry.

When homeowners are ready to sell, cash isn’t always available. They’re on the hook for paying vendor-paid advertising upfront when an agent lists their property. If they can’t pay upfront, this can cause a cashflow issue for the agent.

We worked with Domain to create MarketNow.  It gives homeowners the flexibility to pay how they want. With split payments as an option, sellers can pay their advertising fees closer to settlement, and agents get the funds right away. This means agents can deliver campaigns without interruption or payment delays.

Widgets enhance the customer journey

Look for integration tools that target specific customer behaviours at specific parts of the journey. Take a customer browsing a product page as an example.

Our integration widget can be added to each product description, keeping customers informed through the journey. Through a white-label call-out, you can tell your customers they have the option to split their purchase into instalments or pay in full. Providing this information early removes barriers and typically leads to increased basket size.

Customised fraud prevention 

The Block Shop is an online retail store that sells the furniture, homewares and artwork you see on the hit TV show, The Block. Since opening their online doors in 2012, they’ve experienced fraudulent transactions and purchases made with stolen credit cards, which has added churn to their operations and risk to the business. Although they’re associated with a hit TV show, The Block Shop is actually a family-run business. LP_BlockShop-1As a small business, The Block Shop needed help controlling the fraudulent transactions and turned to Limepay. With our technology and expertise, we gave them the personalised support they needed.

When we develop customised solutions, we start by identifying your problems and bottlenecks. We work closely with you, like we did with The Block Shop, to understand the intricacies of your business and the type of customer experience you want to offer.


“The Limepay team have the needs and interests of the merchant front and centre from both a technology and support perspective. This move is proving to be one of the best business decisions we have made.”

Emma Garland, The Block Shop


Bringing brands closer to customers, however they pay

Customer retention is just as important as acquisition. That’s why our post-checkout communication integration lets you inject brand-specific touchpoints and provides upsell opportunities. When the customer receives a reminder to make an instalment payment, you’re in control of the messaging.

Because it’s your branding, these transactional emails and SMSs enjoy an open rate of up to 85%, so you know your customers are paying attention. And the repurchase rate doubles compared to when a customer chooses a different payment method. 

Checkout is all about a speedy exchange of funds with minimal drop-off or cart abandonment. With Limepay, your checkout not only looks and feels like it belongs on your site, it also offers one of the most seamless credit approval flows in the industry.

If you’re ready to learn how integrations with the Limepay platform make processing payments easier for you and your customers, contact our sales team today.

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