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Linen House Checkout Gets Rave Reviews

Over the past two years, Linen House Australia has experienced impressive growth. New initiatives, including a new payment provider, and a pandemic favouring online shopping have led to a huge increase in sales and conversion rates. 

Bruce Read, eCommerce Manager at Linen House, told us about how changing to Limepay was one of the key drivers of their recent growth. 

“Integrating to Limepay was easy and improved our payment operations,” commented Bruce. And switching to Limepay proved to impress customers too. 

From brand-first features to fraud protection and local customer service, Linen House appreciates how the Limepay platform helps them connect with customers with an all-in-one payment solution. 


Easy for customers

Recent reviews show that customers found the checkout experience easier. And many of these reviews are coming from shoppers who aren’t digital natives.  

A significant group of Linen House customers are grandparents buying bedding for grandchildren who comment on the ease of checkout. They’re a key customer segment for Linen House but as a cohort, they haven’t embraced paying in instalments in the same way as younger shoppers. 

After adding Limepay, Linen House noticed an exciting shift in payment preferences with this segment. Customers who previously didn’t have a BNPL account were now selecting to pay in instalments at checkout. 

This gave Linen House the reassurance that they selected the right checkout platform. 

What made the difference?

Bruce believes it could be the up-front option at checkout, making it easier for customers to see their payment options. When presented with the choice to reduce their initial payment by 75%, more and more customers selected this option.

Limepay partnership delivers

Switching to Limepay has made payment operations easier for Linen House, but the switch has also lifted their confidence. 

Payment gateway technology is important for businesses, but it’s an area where they need to rely on experts to make the best choice. The expertise, high level of customer service and education Limepay offers were critical for Linen House. 

“We’ve been very happy with the local support. Being able to pick up the phone and talk to someone in Australia has been important for us to improve our payment operations,” adds Bruce.

When there are payment disputes, Linen House now has a standard approach so they can address each one. In the past, disputes were essentially ignored. 

“The Limepay team has educated us on how to effectively handle disputes.” 

Fraud protection is another reason Linen House decided to go with Limepay. Fraudulent transactions can cause panic for businesses. But the immediate feedback from Limepay’s team means Linen House can continue trading without worry.

Data revealed by Limepay’s simplified dashboard

The simple interface of the Limepay dashboard allows Linen House to track payment methods across their customer segments and analyse important data*. 

Linen House noticed increased activity in the 50+ age group from the data collected. The average spend for this cohort was significant, and further data revealed a 30% repeat customer rate. For eCommerce 25-30% is the sweet spot. 

And although this age group hasn’t been known to embrace digital payment options, for Linen House customers, data shows that payment plans per customer are highest in this 50+ age group. 

The merchant-specific data provided through the dashboard gives Linen House the insight to understand their customer preferences and buying behaviour to direct future marketing activities. 

*On request from Limepay

Brand-building features with STACK

Limepay’s STACK is an All-in-One payment platform ideal for businesses like Linen House. Customers have a frictionless checkout all on the Linen House site. When customers are directed to a third-party payment platform, they get nervous. This leads to late-stage cart abandonment and fractures a merchant’s brand equity.  

With STACK, customers get the payment options they want, and the merchant has bank-grade security, complete branding control and local technical support. 

Linen House plans to use more brand-first functions with the Limepay platform to help improve the customer experience. Bruce sees branded communication features like payment reminders and offers as powerful marketing tools to help Linen House build loyalty and repeat purchases.

Find out how Limepay can help improve your checkout and customer experience.


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