Wholesalers are jumping in to help eliminate payment barriers

With Limepay, Reclaim Energy removes barriers so customers don’t pay until rebates are added.

Reclaim Energy is an environmentally conscious supplier of hot water solutions. Director, Chris Taylor, wants to reduce our energy impact on the planet and help homeowners fully transition off the grid.

To achieve this goal, Reclaim Energy is focussing on payment solutions.

Payment solutions and energy efficiency may not seem like an obvious combination, but Chris and his team realised that as a wholesaler, they can help distributors and customers.

Australians value renewable energy and want to move away from gas and electricity. And with today’s energy prices, everyone is thinking about what they can do to save money. Renewable experts like Reclaim Energy are positioned to help.

Although demand for energy efficiency is rising, the high start-up costs are a barrier for many homeowners. It’s true that Australians lead the world in rooftop solar, yet only a quarter of households are drawing energy from the sun.1

The barrier for homeowners is upfront costs.

No one expects their hot water heater to fail, but when it does, it needs to be replaced right away. Most people don’t have an extra $6000 to cover the costs.


Empowering distributors

To help more Australians become energy efficient, Reclaim Energy has set out to help distributors help homeowners.

“We want to partner with our distributors to support their business growth by being a partner in their business and not just a supplier.”

One way to do this is by helping distributors with payment solutions. Collecting payments is time-consuming for any business, especially locally-owned distributors.

“Many distributors are small and need help scaling their business to meet the demand.”

In a booming market, businesses are even more time and resource-poor. They're unlikely to find ways to adapt digital technology on their own.

“Providing a payment solution that all our distributors can easily adopt is an extension of our values to build a strong wholesaler/distributor relationship.”


Introducing Reclaim Finance

Reclaim Energy has partnered with Limepay to offer payment solutions for all distributors across the country called Reclaim Finance.

Reclaim Finance offers payment plans so customers can afford to upgrade to solar or a more energy-efficient water heater.

With digital payment options, customers can get their hot water heater fixed without delay with the opportunity to pay in instalments. The distributors benefit too because they get paid right away to cover material and labour costs.

Reclaim Finance - Heat Now, Pay Later!

  • Pay for your CO2 Heat Pump in 4 interest-free instalments.
  • Pay the first payment up front, and the remaining 3 payments will be due every fortnight.
  • No need to open an account, just pay as you would normally with your card of choice.
  • Powered by Limepay.

Offering a payment solution levels the playing field for all Australians who want to switch to renewables. A small distributor in regional Australia can provide the same level of service and payment options as a larger distributor in the cities.


Why Limepay

“We tried other solutions but they were too transaction focussed. Our goal is to build relationships with our distributors and enhance our brand by offering solutions. Limepay was the right fit.”

Limepay is known for being a brand-first provider.

“The Limepay team has gone out of their way to understand our business and culture. They spent time with us, a lot of time understanding who we are first and then built a solution to match. This was incredibly important to us.”

There’s an extra layer of complexity in the energy business that needed to be integrated into the Limepay platform - government rebates. Rebates are another friction point for distributors and customers because they are typically applied after a customer pays in full.

“With Limepay, we’re able to remove the initial costs and customers don’t have to pay until the rebates are added.”

Limepay redefines the ‘usual’ way of paying and eliminates unnecessary barriers.

It’s the distributors who work directly with the customer, and although homeowners want to add energy-efficient solutions to their homes, large upfront costs are definitely a barrier. But now that Reclaim Finance is powered by Limepay, the process is smoother.

More wholesalers like Reclaim Energy are adopting payment solutions to help their distributors and partners because payment solutions are an important part of a business’s growth and financial strategy.

Learn more about wholesaler payment solutions and contact the Limepay team.

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  1. Energy.gov.au Australia leads world in rooftop solar as share of renewables jumps to 35%
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